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Why the WIMP User Interface is Dead? (for information retrieval)

Updated: Context: This is a follow-on to my “Thanks to Google – WIMP user interface is dead” post. Please …

Thanks to Google – the WIMP User Interface is Dead

Updated: [Nick Carr writes in support of this post, Sadagopan is against it] Since the advent of powerful business intelligence report-writer tools and adhoc querying tools more than 10 years ago, I have been advocating the idea that we should stop..

Search by John Battelle

Thanks to Nambikumar Palani for insisting that I read Search by John Battelle. There is no question that Google has transformed our lives and made Search an integral part of our lives. John has done an excellent job of chronicling the evolution…

Reuters echoes our views on Blackberry

TweetLucas Van Grinsven on the topic of rising competition to the Blackberry.  Our article “RIM Blackberry faces an uphill battle” aired June 26,2005!

Breakthroughs – How Great Companies Achieve Them

I had the privilege of listening to Bill Davidson on the topic of

“Breakthroughs – How Great Companies Set Outrageous