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Confessions of a Concert Hater

TweetI hate concerts. I have a rather visceral reaction to them. You can try to pigeon-hole me with Aurangazeb & other infamous music haters. But, you’ll be sorely mistaken. I’m a music lover. Which is precisely why I hate concerts. That begs an addendum: I. Hate. Concerts. In. Chennai. A love-crazed Orsino exclaims in The […]

FTOTW ending Dec 23 (#12) – Kitty Genovese Syndrome, Shakespeare’s impact on the brain..

1. Our friend Joe Kissell of ITOTD talks about the Kitty Genovese Syndrome – an interesting phenomenon where bystanders…

The Signum Quartett makes the magic of Mozart come alive

Had the good fortune of attending a western classical music concert featuring Mozart’s compositions tonight 

The concert happened at the …

I try

TweetThis single by Macy Gray keeps ringing in my ears. If you are into R&B, you cannot miss this one. Her voice is so good that it brings out the essence of Soul.