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Why American kids don’t take up science & technology careers?

TweetUpdated 2 May 2009: Received some wisdom from twitterers – @Shogun1947 @priyraju @akumaran Prolog On my internal to company blog i had introduced a new idea a few months back – in the prolog section of every blog post, i provide a link to interesting posts i had read that week. To my surprise, this […]

The Beauty Premium?

TweetUpdated Dec 26, 2007: Ganesh brilliantly connects this with Gladwell’s Warren Harding Error in his book Blink. Today we got the latest issue of Economist dubbed as the special christmas double issue. The article with the biblical sounding “To those that have, shall be given” caught my attention. The first para hooked me completely: IMAGINE […]

The incredible power of a word – part 2 – why do we swear?

I just covered how words have power over our behavior. Came across a f***ing brilliant article on why we swear [Caution: …

The breakthrough that powered India’s White Revolution

I recently came across an article in the Times of India newspaper featuring, the father of India’s White …

Why can’t you make toasted bread and crisp dosas in your microwave oven?

Have you ever wondered how a dosa become crisp or how a bread toast is made brown and crisp?..