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Egypt Via My Tunnel Vision

TweetOnce again, I lapsed into a period of silence – a silence, almost Omerta – which would have made La Cosa Nostra proud. I watched my husband frenetically type up our adventures in Egypt well into the night, on the teensy keypad of his blackberry. Really, this man Sukumar now – doesn’t he ever feel […]

Egypt Moblog #10 – Egyptian Museum, Al Azhar Mosque and Khan Al Khaleeli

TweetToday morning we reached the famous Egyptian Museum with our guide Ms. Marwah. The Egyptian Museum has over 120, 000 pharoanic artifacts and has been operational since 1902. Our first stop was before the Narmer Palette – this palette is from 3200 BC commemorating the unification of upper and lower egypt by Narmer (a.k.a Menes). […]

Egypt Moblog #9 – Citadel, Church of St. Sergius, Ben Ezra Synagogue

TweetYesterday afternoon we reached Cairo from Luxor. We first went to the Citadel – one of the largest fortresses in this part of the world built on a plateau that has a beautiful view of Cairo. The fortress was built by Saladin, one of the greatest Islamic kings around 1176 AD to protect Cairo from […]

Egypt Moblog #8 – Temples of Karnak, Luxor Temple and Luxor MUseum

TweetSorry I couldn’t write since I wasn’t feeling too well the past 3 days. Day before yesterday, we went to the Temples at Karnak. Our guide Ikram has 27 years experience as a tour guide. She was amazing. Temples of Karnak, one could say, was the spiritual extravaganza of the ancient egyptians. It is so […]

Egypt Moblog #7 – Temple of Hathepshut, Colossi of Memnon + Mummification Museum

TweetYesterday after the Valley of Kings, we visited the Temple of Hathepshut. It is dated to 1400 BC and the facade is remarkably well preserved. It has 2 chapels on either side – one for goddess Hathor, the cow goddess and the other for Anubis, the jackal god. . Hathepshut was a queen who ruled […]