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Slumdog Millionaire – Epilog

TweetFinally got to watch the movie –  This is by no means a film critique. Nor I am writing for/against the merit of the movie or whether it is award worthy. While I am not surprised at the reaction from some Indian filmmakers, couldnt let it go that easily.  Again, this is not about the […]

Fellini’s Ghost, Save Me!

TweetI’m a movie fiend. When I watch a movie, I very thirstily & feverishly deconstruct its building blocks – Casting, Screen Play, Background Score, Dialog Delivery, Costumes et al. I’m passionately in love with movies. When I was a kid, I yearned to make movies. I used to stand before a mirror & emote, observing […]

Fine tastings from the world of movies March-April 2007

1. Rang De Basanti – the much talked about movie with a nationalistic bent. Studded with stars like Aamir Khan, …

FTOTW Feb 24, 2007 – Walmart, Birds can “Plan” ..

1. Priya Raju picked the documentary Walmart: the High Cost of Low Price. Some of the things that Walmart …

Lage Raho Munnabhai – master stroke of creativity

I had heard a lot about this Hindi movie Lage Raho Munnabhai. Last week I picked it up from …