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Paris Travelog #6 – Third Photo Essay – Louvre

TweetPlease read Priya Raju’s excellent write up on the Louvre to appreciate this photo essay better. I want to start the essay with Vermeer’s lace maker that refuses to leave my head even after a month – some what like the earworms that people talk about in the realm of music. The glass pyramid at […]

Paris Travelog #4 – Second Photo Essay

TweetDid you all read the previous post on the French Revolution by Priya Raju. If not, you may want to read it before reading this post which is a companion photo essay. Don’t know if my photos will do justice to the grandeur of the Versailles Palace that Priya described so well. I have always […]

Paris Travelog #2 – Photo Essay

TweetThis being my first post of the year, wishing you all a spectacular and swashbuckling new year 2010. As Priya Raju said, Paris is a charming and beautiful city. ┬áMy amateur photography skills can hardly do any justice to its beauty. ┬áHere is my bold attempt at a photo essay of Paris – my first […]