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Eldercare: Wellness = Awareness

TweetI have started writing a series for The Dignity Foundation – an organization focused on senior citizens. Here is the first in the series that got published in the September issue of their magazine. The best gift that we can give ourselves and our families is to live in good health until we leave this […]

India’s own 911 rising

Updated: While living in the USA for more than 10 years, i used to often envy the 911 service – emergency response within minutes. It shows how much value is ….

FTOTW ending Feb 17,2007 – Energy from Waste Heat, Amnesiacs, Smart Spider..

1. In what is potentially a breakthrough Researchers convert heat to electricity using organic molecules, that could lead to a …

Me, Myself & My Blattiphobia

Priya Raju digs deep into her fear of cockroaches and comes up with some surprising possibilities…

Back to India: Trans Fats, Saddle Bags & Assorted Ills

Priya Raju says in her 2nd post – When it comes to working out, I’m one of the laziest people in the world…