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The Choices We Make

TweetSeveral years ago, while I was on a vacation in India, an incident happened that is now permanently etched in my brain. I can still visualize the scene, the noise, the smell, the heat and the crowds amidst which this incident happened. In Chennai, whenever I travel alone to visit a friend or go to […]

Why American kids don’t take up science & technology careers?

TweetUpdated 2 May 2009: Received some wisdom from twitterers – @Shogun1947 @priyraju @akumaran Prolog On my internal to company blog i had introduced a new idea a few months back – in the prolog section of every blog post, i provide a link to interesting posts i had read that week. To my surprise, this […]

Pray, where is the cream of India?

TweetAfter the Beijing Olympics, the media has gone to town with small-town India. Suddenly, we seem to have discovered talent there! The population and infrastructure pressure on major metros has made industry discover tier-2 and tier-3 cities. This is still the story of urban India being played out. What Olympics or what industry would it […]

Can passion be taught? – part 3 – the key is producing

Tweet Updated Oct 10, 2008 – Nirmala, a KM professional joined the conversation with several insights on her blog. Thanks for the link Nirmala. Prolog: Teaching passion is one of my favorite areas. I started thinking about this again because i felt we have not been able to package the superb discussion that this topic […]

Can passion be taught? – part 2

Milind Sathe (http://milindsathe.wordpress.com) has posted a phenomenal response to my question. Well done Milind.

He quotes examples from …