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Three buckets of action

TweetDear Readers,  here is Kumaran’s first post. Please welcome him to the blog with your encouraging comments.  – Sukumar — This topic actually came up when I was having a discussion about life with a friend of mine from college (Thyagesh). It has been close to 5 years now after we had the conversation now and […]

Slumdog Millionaire – Epilog

TweetFinally got to watch the movie –  This is by no means a film critique. Nor I am writing for/against the merit of the movie or whether it is award worthy. While I am not surprised at the reaction from some Indian filmmakers, couldnt let it go that easily.  Again, this is not about the […]

Euphony performs for charity on Apr 26 – tickets for sale

TweetMy post last week received a comment about potential financial contributions to the CSR program. I am happy to announce that my company’s band Euphony is performing. The concert will take place on the 26th of April (Saturday) between 4PM and 7PM at the Sir Muthu Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai, India. […]