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The Truth About Meditation

TweetVery many logical fallacies are mentioned in this post. For a description of these and other fallacies, please see this link. Whenever I talk about breathing exercises, I refer to Pranayama, an integral part of Meditation, without which the benefits of meditation will be even less. – Author. Author: You know, I’ve been thinking about […]

Alternative Medicine: Take 2

TweetIn my previous post, I had outlined some basic methods to distinguish good medicine from barking mad therapies. In this post, let’s dig deeper to see how the tricksters abuse science to confound lay-people. Chain of Evidence First, I have to debunk some ill-conceived notions about science & formal medicine. Science does not dismiss unproven […]

Alternative Medicine: Take 1

TweetTalking about oneself is crass solipsism at worst & a crashing bore at best. Be that as it may, I have to resort to some over-sharing – all for a good porpoise, I mean, purpose. Fear not, I won’t make this a meandering personal narrative. So, bear with me. Or not – At this mo’, […]

Millenium Bat Awards

TweetDear Readers, I’ve been thinking. And that should make you very nervous – almost as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. So far, I’ve wrought nothing but mischief with my thinking. This is a fair warning: I’ve been using the spaghetti between my ears. There are so many awards […]