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Just an opinion on “Indian Culture”

TweetWhat I want to share is just a personal opinion, hoping to know what others think about it. I was travelling in the U.S recently and had a chance to interact to few of my close friends from college.When we were discussing about our kids and how they have grown are interacting with us, this […]

Telangana Crisis – United We Stand, Divided We Fall – Part 2

TweetIn the part 1 of this series, I narrated events that happened prior to late 1990s in the Andhra Pradesh.  In the second part, I will cover the evolution of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and the changed political climate. I will start with background on Naxal violence in AP. Even though Naxalism has roots in […]

Telangana Crisis – United We Stand, Divided We Fall – Part1

TweetWe are pleased to have Vamsi Poondla write a post on this blog. He is a regular visitor and commenter on this blog.  Please encourage him with your comments.  – Sukumar —————- From the moment Telangana state announcement came on December 9, 2009, the entire Andhra Pradesh is in a political turmoil. I would like […]

The Great Indian Rope Trick – Election 2009

TweetUpdated: For people that want to understand the manifestos of the key parties, this single page PDF from The Hindu is a good source. Some people on Twitter seem to think we didn’t read the manifestos. The biggest circus of 2009 – the Indian Parliamentary Election – has ended. The decisive mandate has left many […]

Slumdog Millionaire – Epilog

TweetFinally got to watch the movie –  This is by no means a film critique. Nor I am writing for/against the merit of the movie or whether it is award worthy. While I am not surprised at the reaction from some Indian filmmakers, couldnt let it go that easily.  Again, this is not about the […]