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The Meh Zone

TweetThanks to my previous post getting hosted on Meenaks’ blog – the superstar of C2 blogs, I got 31 comments. Thanks to all the commenters. Those comments gave me the motivation to write a follow-on post. In my previous post¬†, I had mentioned that the tasks that we¬†procrastinate, are the ones that we don’t like. […]

Can passion be taught? – part 3 – the key is producing

Tweet Updated Oct 10, 2008 – Nirmala, a KM professional joined the conversation with several insights on her blog. Thanks for the link Nirmala. Prolog: Teaching passion is one of my favorite areas. I started thinking about this again because i felt we have not been able to package the superb discussion that this topic […]

Can passion be taught? – part 2

Milind Sathe (http://milindsathe.wordpress.com) has posted a phenomenal response to my question. Well done Milind.

He quotes examples from …

Can passion be taught? – part 1

Can passion be taught is a question that I have thought about for a long time. I am yet to …