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The Choices We Make

TweetSeveral years ago, while I was on a vacation in India, an incident happened that is now permanently etched in my brain. I can still visualize the scene, the noise, the smell, the heat and the crowds amidst which this incident happened. In Chennai, whenever I travel alone to visit a friend or go to […]

Career Advice – Don’t ever become a typist and struggle like me

TweetUpdated 6 Apr 2010 – My nephew, with who i had the discussion mentioned in this post has commented. Updated 29 Mar 2010 –  RK has written a nice rejoinder to this post on his blog. Please check it out. Prolog Recently, i was talking to a nephew of mine, who is studying to be an […]

Celebrating 5 years of blogging + Other Milestones

TweetProlog It has been a while since i wrote on this blog. Thankfully Abdul Fakhri and Priya Raju have been doing a wonderful job of picking up the slack.  Fine Tastings Since this section has not been carried in a while, i decided that it may not be wise to list all the links i […]

Why American kids don’t take up science & technology careers?

TweetUpdated 2 May 2009: Received some wisdom from twitterers – @Shogun1947 @priyraju @akumaran Prolog On my internal to company blog i had introduced a new idea a few months back – in the prolog section of every blog post, i provide a link to interesting posts i had read that week. To my surprise, this […]