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Singapore Travelog #5

TweetContinuing our travelog on Singapore – Here is Sukumar’s excellent post on the Peranakans, for those of you that haven’t read it so far. We had some wonderful food in Singapore, but none of them in the hotel we stayed in. One day, we made the grievous error of ordering Fattouch, a Lebanese salad, in […]

Singapore Travelog #4 – The Peranakans

TweetProlog Hope all of you are enjoying the series on Singapore. Priya Raju’s entertaining posts have definitely enlivened the proceedings – Here is her previous post. Thanks Priya. All along the trip, we kept hearing the term “Peranakans” and it piqued our curiosity. Therefore, we decided to explore the Peranakan Museum, which is a wing […]

Singapore Travelog #3

TweetAs I write these travelogs with Sukumar Rajagopal, I can’t help sinking into a Pausanius complex. He was a  traveler in ancient Greece, that painstakingly recorded his first-hand observations. A lot of what we know about Olympia, for example, is because of him. Since I don’t want to don the mantle of a documentarian, I […]

Singapore Travelog #2

TweetDear Readers – I’ll give you a breather in between my sweltering posts on Srilanka. Here is a short & welcome break, where I delve lovingly on Singapore with Sukumar Rajagopal. You might have seen his previous post in this series – If not, now’s a good time. The Republic of Singapore is a clump […]

Singapore Travelog #1 – From Third World to First

TweetWe just landed back in Chennai after a 7 day tour of Singapore. When you think of Singapore, shopping and the Sentosa Island come to mind. While these are great, if we wrote about them, it may not be that interesting. Here is my first pass at writing about Singapore with a request to Priya […]