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Deadly Justice – Part 4

TweetMy previous post outlined some of the harsh realities of the Death Penalty. That was more than 2 weeks back. So, let’s plunge neck-deep into this post right away. There’s nothing like starting a post with a bitter, divisive issue. Does Death Penalty deter Murder? The idea of gauging a punishment on its merit as […]

Deadly Justice – Part 3

TweetIn the last 2 posts – Part 1 & Part 2, I strongly advocated the case for retaining the death penalty, provided certain criteria were met. What are the harsh realities of capital punishment? Its not my intention to sweep inconvenient truths under the carpet, especially when they are explosive in nature. Let’s swallow the […]

Deadly Justice – Part 2

TweetIn September 2008, I wrote Part -1 on my series on the Death Penalty. Events transpired – death of someone I cared about, Srilankan war, our trip to Singapore & Raju Garu (Sigh!). For an extremely focused person, I get extremely distracted. Since the series on Srilanka is more or less at its mid-point, I […]

Deadly Justice – Part 1

TweetVery few social issues galvanize people irrespective of their geographies. Abortions. Gay Rights. Prostitution. Drugs. The Death Penalty. If people could be roughly grouped into “Conservatives”,  “Liberals” and “Moderates”, their views on the 1st 4 issues would neatly fall into “No Way, No How!”, “Why not?” and “That Depends”. But, Capital Punishment is different. Its […]