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Celebrating 5 years of blogging + Other Milestones

TweetProlog It has been a while since i wrote on this blog. Thankfully Abdul Fakhri and Priya Raju have been doing a wonderful job of picking up the slack.  Fine Tastings Since this section has not been carried in a while, i decided that it may not be wise to list all the links i […]

Celebrating 1 Million Page Views!

TweetThis blog has not exactly had a spectacular run. We have had the occasional links from Desipundit and a few Carnivals, but that is about it.  Last November, we had completed 3 years and 5 months of existence and  the total page view count was 92,443 (from Sitemeter stats for 2.5 years. the first year […]

Celebrating 4 years of blogging!

TweetUpdated July 10, 2008 : This post has been Desipundited. Thanks a lot Patrix. —- Prolog I generally avoid milestone posts, but i could not resist this one. Last week, on June 27, 2008, we completed 4 years on this blog. During that time, we have written  497 posts and received 2,851 comments.  Just 3 posts away from […]

Welcome to WordPress

TweetThanks to the Blogharbor team led by John Keegan for a smooth rollover to WordPress – my favorite blogging platform. Hope you all like the theme that i have chosen. I may be switching to a different theme as i experiment with themes some more. You may notice a few problems: 1. Comments on old […]