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Life’s lessons from Vishwanathan Anand – world’s no.1

TweetUpdated Apr 27,2008: Owing to Vijay Arumugam’s comment, i have amended the greatest designation i gave to Anand. Thanks for pointing out Vijay. Last night we had the privilege of listening to Vishwanathan Anand – arguably amongst the greatest sportspersons from India if not the greatest. He singlehandedly put Chess on the national sporting agenda. […]

The Great Millenial Spitathon

My laments about the Indian cricket team got to her. Priya Raju makes a fine attempt to put an end …

FTOTW ending Dec 2 (#9) – Bird Endurance, Whale Grammar & more

Sorry if FTOTW had you flummoxed. It stands for Fine Tastings of the Week and was suggested by a friend …

Soccer World Cup 2006 is a benchmark not just for its size

The entire world is savoring the world’s biggest sports spectacle – The FIFA World cup 2006 is blowing away attendance records with 3 million attendees, additional..

A Wingee is running for a good cause

B. Aravind is running in the Silicon Valley Marathon scheduled to

take place on October 30 under the aegis of …