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Paris Travelog #7 – A Melange

TweetPlease checkout Sukumar’s most previous serving of Paris here. Say “Paris” and images of the French Revolution, the excesses of King Louis XIV and Napoleon Bonaparte spring to mind. Visitors to Paris will find “Haussmannian Paris”┬ástickier still. Baron Haussmann was a town planner in Emperor Napoleon III’s reign. He almost single-handedly modernized Paris, changing it […]

Paris Travelog #6 – Third Photo Essay – Louvre

TweetPlease read Priya Raju’s excellent write up on the Louvre to appreciate this photo essay better. I want to start the essay with Vermeer’s lace maker that refuses to leave my head even after a month – some what like the earworms that people talk about in the realm of music. The glass pyramid at […]

Paris Travelog #5 – The Louvre

TweetThis is the next serving of our Paris Travelog series. The previous post was a photo-essay by Sukumar. You can check it out here. A trip to Paris is incomplete without a visit to the fantastic Louvre, which has been a museum since 1793. It is the largest museum in the world. The sprawling complex, […]

Paris Travelog #4 – Second Photo Essay

TweetDid you all read the previous post on the French Revolution by Priya Raju. If not, you may want to read it before reading this post which is a companion photo essay. Don’t know if my photos will do justice to the grandeur of the Versailles Palace that Priya described so well. I have always […]

Paris Travelog #3 – The French Revolution

TweetHere’s a link to┬áthe previous post in this series, a Photo Essay of Paris by Sukumar – the 1st of its kind in this blog. One can’t visit France & not take an interest in the French Revolution. The explosive revolution of 1789 gave the world the phrase – Liberty, Equality & Fraternity. The monarchy […]