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The Real History of India Part 10 – The Abominable Caste System – Indian Fact or British Fiction?

TweetProlog: Last week, we covered one of Islam’s key contributions to India. There is plenty of material out there to undertstand the bad things done by the Islamists, which is why i wrote about some good things they did. Any discussion on India’s history is not complete without considering the caste system. In this post, […]

The Real History of India Part 9 – One of Islam’s delectable contributions

TweetUpdated Apr 15,2008: Rachel Laudan was kind enough to respond to my email to say that she does not have much knowledge of Ethiopian to answer the question. She has however said she knows someone that might be able to answer. Stay tuned. Prolog: A key reason I started this series is to debunk ideas […]

The Real History of India – Part 8: Parpola Lecture disproves Farmer/Witzel/Sproat

TweetUpdated again March 16, 2008: Varnam.org includes this post in their History Carnival. Thanks a lot Varnam.org.  We are honored. — Updated again March 9, 2008: Steve Farmer sent me an email and was kind enough to explain to me why my post was moderated out. I accepted his explanation. But i told Steve that […]

The Real History of India – Part 7: Chariots, Horses and Thunderbolts

TweetUpdated March 4, 2008: Asko Parpola covers the IVC Script & Aryan Invasion Theory debate in his interview in the Hindu newspaper today. Updated March 3, 2008: Sreedhar said he was not able to access the ODS format spreadsheet. I have uploaded the Excel format as well. Sorry about that. Prolog: In this post, we […]

The Real History of India – Part 6: Aryan Invasion Theory

TweetProlog: Now that we have established the religion that was followed in the IVC, we will take a look at the Aryan Invasion Theory debate. The words “Aryan Invasion” seem to suggest that there was a sudden death for the Dravidians, the words “Aryan Infusion” seem to suggest a benign and gentle influence, the words […]