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Turkey Travelog – Part 5 – Cappadocia

TweetHere’s a link to the previous post in this series, on the Topkapi Palace. A visit to Turkey is incomplete if you don’t check out Cappadocia. Its name is derived from Katpatuka – “Land of the beautiful horses” – in Hittite language. Cappadocia has an unusual landscape that cannot be explained in words. Craters, rock […]

Turkey Travelog – Part 4 – Topkapı Palace

TweetHere’s a link to the previous post in this series, a photo blog from Sukumar, in case you missed it. Turkey offers many culinary delights, but none so unusual as the “Kumpir”. The insipid baked potato is elevated to an object of gastronomic delight by stuffing it with sour cream, vegetables, meat, herbs and pickles. […]

Turkey Travelog – Part 3 – Photo Essay

TweetHappy new year everyone. This is my first post of the year on this blog. Hope you all are enjoying Priya Raju’s updates in her inimitable style. In case you missed, here is part2 of this series. I got delayed with my photo essay, sorry about that. Our tour in started at the Hagia Sophia. […]

Turkey Travelog – Part 2 – Istanbul Redux

TweetContinuing the travelog of Turkey. Here’s a link to the 1st post in the thread. If I were to list the Top-10 things to do in Istanbul, eating pistachios from Osmanlioglu in the Spice Bazaar will feature prominently. Nowhere else in the world will you find such perfectly roasted, mildly salted, impeccably flavored pistachios.  The […]

Turkey Travelog – Part 1 – Overview

TweetI’ve always wanted to go to Turkey. (“And the 200 other countries in the world!” chimes in Sukumar, helpfully).  I find countries at the crossroads of 2 or 3 distinct cultures extremely seductive. Sri Lanka. Turkey. Plus, Turkey is an aggressively secular country – despite being 98% (“99%” our tour guide asserted) Muslim. It’s the […]