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The Happiness Quotient – Part 2

TweetEver since the Richter 9 Earthquake struck, we’ve been haunted by images of Tsunami ravaged Japan. Its hard to describe the tragedy unfolding in that country – A woman searching for her nephew among the rubble; the swollen sea sucking school children in; Stark images of battered bodies torturing us from our TV screens. Many […]

The Happiness Quotient – Part 1

TweetI know an elderly woman – perhaps 60, looks 70 – who’s a sweeper in Blue Cross. She’s single and has a bed-ridden sister to take care of. She used to own a flat – “617 SQFT, madam”, she told me – but lost it due to her gullibility. She now lives in a hut, […]

Just an opinion on “Indian Culture”

TweetWhat I want to share is just a personal opinion, hoping to know what others think about it. I was travelling in the U.S recently and had a chance to interact to few of my close friends from college.When we were discussing about our kids and how they have grown are interacting with us, this […]

Why do bad things happen to me? – Part 2

TweetWhat is bad? This is first question I ask myself. I sincerely try to define why I call something bad. If we sit down to define the word bad it really becomes a difficult task. 1.Bad is something, which is not good for me. 2.Bad is an unexpected result. 3.Bad is an expected result, but […]

DA War

TweetIt all started because I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Tummy-achingly badly. They say women love a guy in a uniform. Since I’m one sandwich short of a picnic, I wanted to be the guy in the uniform. Chuck the guy out. Gimme the uniform. And not for dry cleaning. I want you to […]