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5th Annual Blog Pongal – the best posts of 2009

TweetProlog Happy Pongal/Sankranti to those that celebrate it.  We have been celebrating the Pongal festival on the same day since the days of the  Indus Valley Civilization (according to my research) making it a 4,500+ year old tradition. On this blog, we have been celebrating it with a  harvest festival of our own – the annual Blog Pongal – a harvest […]

Blog Pongal #2 – Best posts of the year 2007

TweetIn keeping with the knowledge is scrumptious theme, i had this bright idea last year to celebrate Pongal with a harvest festival of my own – harvesting the best posts of the past year. This is the 2nd edition of the Blog Pongal covering the best posts of the year 2007. It was another great […]