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Career Advice – Don’t ever become a typist and struggle like me

TweetUpdated 6 Apr 2010 – My nephew, with who i had the discussion mentioned in this post has commented. Updated 29 Mar 2010 –  RK has written a nice rejoinder to this post on his blog. Please check it out. Prolog Recently, i was talking to a nephew of mine, who is studying to be an […]

The ‘Sorting Hat’ of Life: Children and their Career Choices

TweetWe are pleased to add another writer, Sultana Fakhri, to this group Blog. She has written this post to more or less coincide with “Children’s Day”, celebrated on November 14th in India. Please welcome her warmly by commenting on her maiden post. – Priya Raju. `Who are you?’ said the Caterpillar.  `I can’t explain myself, […]