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Built to Last (forever!) – Oldest companies/corporations

Priya Raju asked me recently – which is the oldest company in the

world? I did not know the answer, …

The milliondollar homepage – one helluva idea!

TweetA 21-year old student in the UK is trying to pay for his college by selling 100-pixel blocks for $100 on a page with a million pixels on it. As on date he has sold $310,000 worth of pixels. It gives new meaning to the term –  business model. Way to go Alex Tew. (Via  […]

SkypeBay is looking more and more like Meg Whitman’s Master Stroke

The dust is slowly settling on the Skype-eBay wedlock – which left many of us strategy observers scratching our heads..

Google chasing Paypal’s Longtail?

Speculation is running rife about Google’s supposed paypal-like payment service not withstanding Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s denial. Forrester’s Charlene Li has some real …

RIM Blackberry has an uphill battle ahead

I have been using RIM’s Blackberry for a couple of years now and I

can’t imagine how I survived without …