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Tale of the Talking Leaves

TweetImagine living in a world where there are no newspapers or books to read. Think of the days when there was no alphabet or script to write or read. That is how life was for early Cherokee Native Indians until one man gave the gift of their life and erased illiteracy.  Around 1760 a boy […]

The Real History of India Part 2 – Anthropological Plate Tectonics?

TweetThe Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) has always fascinated me. One of the main reasons why it is so fascinating is because all other neighboring areas in the Indian subcontinent were far less advanced. In other words, while the IVC had some fantastic features like the Great Bath, Manhattan-like street topology, covered sewers, complex weights and […]

The Real History of India Part 1 – The Gond-Australian Aborigine Connection?

TweetUpdated Feb 16,2008: JK from Varnam.org has included this post in their history carnival. Thanks JK. We are honored. Updated Feb 2, 2008: This post has been Desipundited. Thanks a lot Patrix. Updated Jan 30, 2008: Thanks everyone for the great discussion. Ganesh, Karthik and Senthil raised some important points on genetics. Based on some […]