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The Real History of India – Part 7: Chariots, Horses and Thunderbolts

TweetUpdated March 4, 2008: Asko Parpola covers the IVC Script & Aryan Invasion Theory debate in his interview in the Hindu newspaper today. Updated March 3, 2008: Sreedhar said he was not able to access the ODS format spreadsheet. I have uploaded the Excel format as well. Sorry about that. Prolog: In this post, we […]

The Real History of India – Part 6: Aryan Invasion Theory

TweetProlog: Now that we have established the religion that was followed in the IVC, we will take a look at the Aryan Invasion Theory debate. The words “Aryan Invasion” seem to suggest that there was a sudden death for the Dravidians, the words “Aryan Infusion” seem to suggest a benign and gentle influence, the words […]

The Real History of India – Part 5: IVC Religion & the Proto-Trinity

TweetProlog: When I started on this journey, i first looked at the Aryan Invasion Theory debates and had come across the Kurgan Hypothesis from Marija Gimbutas, a brilliant Anthropologist from Lithuania. As you know, i later switched strategies to look at the entire Neolithic plate and its mother goddess religion. Over the past few weeks, […]

The Real History of India – Part 4: A new IVC Symbology for better decipherment

TweetUpdated Feb 16, 2008: Priya Raju suggested 2 more dimensions – food and attire to the framework. I have added them below. Prolog: I pointed to a seal in my previous post with a link to Parpola’s interpretation. He interpreted the lower part brilliantly as the Seven Sisters (Sapta Kannika) which is the “Pleaides”. And […]

The Real History of India – Part 3: Neolithic Supply Chain

TweetUpdated¬† Feb 12, 2008: Ganesh and Karthik have raised excellent questions on methodology.¬† I had included a segment on the methodology I used. You would have seen that part if you had read my post on Sunday. Later I took it out because the post was already way too long. Here is the methodology I […]