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Made to Stick – Brilliant

Thanks to a strong recommendation in Bob Sutton’s blog, I picked up the book Made to Stick by Chip Heath …

What is common between Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and Kohlrabi?

Of course, all of them are common vegetables that are a part of our diet the world over. What else …

Book review meme – Train your mind change your brain

Updated Again: I have been meaning to review this book for a while now. Archana Raghuram’s tag gave me the impetus to write this up. The book in question is “Train your mind change your brain”..

JP Morgan’s Summer Reading List 2007

TweetJPMC has published its summer reading list for 2007. As a Neurophile, Daniel J. Levitin’s “This is your brain on music” sounds interesting. Need to read that one. We had covered their 2005 reading list a while ago.

It is interesting how some things never change with time

Over the weekend I had to buy a gift for a 11 year old kid. I wanted to buy something …