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I hate peanut butter

TweetI used to hate peanut butter – didn’t  like the smell or the looks of it, so no question of tasting it. Like many other things in my life, this hatred didn’t survive my marriage 🙂 My wife, Priya Raju, made a peanut butter jelly (a.k.a PBJ) sandwich and forced me to eat it. With great […]

Rupee crisis for dummies

TweetThis post has been co-written by Roshan Venugopal and myself. This post over-simplifies many concepts to ensure easier understanding. This article may be cross-posted on the author’s own blog. Prologue: India’s rupee crisis is making news not only in India, but globally. It is clichĂ© to point to the government and RBI, but how many […]

Successful Resume Paradox

Resumes and Interviews – always seem to focus on successes of individuals. There is not much of failure even mentioned. Is that a paradox?

Would I do it?

TweetYesterday’s world cup match and the last over given to Nehra by Dhoni. Personally I am disappointed at what happened yesterday. Lot of us would say the last over should have been given to Bhajji because: 1.He a tried and tested bowler. 2.He is the in bowler in form with wickets in the match. Let me […]

Producing Massive Change

TweetProlog I made this presentation on Change Management at the KCommunity Chennai Chaper meeting No.10 (#KCC10) which was hosted by Cognizant. The organizers had videographed my preso – special thanks to Manikanda Pisharody of Cognizant’s KM team and our external vendor agency for the recording. Producing massive change v1.0 View more presentations from Sukumar Rajagopal. In case […]