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Ajanta Ellora Moblog #1

Updated: Decided to use the Independence Day weekend to go see the famed Ajanta Ellora caves in Maharashtra – this is …

Ajanta Ellora Moblog #2

Updated: Per our guide’s recommendation, we left the hotel at 8.15 am and reached the Ajanta caves at 10.30 am. Thanks …

India’s Laissez Faire Approach to Traffic is actually better – is it?

Cooper lauds the lack of traffic controls in India thus: This morning I was delighted to come across this video of an apparently typical intersection in India. I can see no sign of any of the traffic engineering elements typical in the USA..

Why didn’t the Incas invent the wheel?

This question has been bothering me since I visited an Inca Exhibit at the Florida International Museum a decade or so ago. When I visited the Macchu Picchu…

Meaningless Road Signs

TweetThis post from Dilip has a collection of comical stuff including a set of road signs in the Nagpur to Wardha road indicating distances to Kanyakumari! Having been a NJ resident for over 5 years, I was reminded of the ubiquitous signs that point to the Garden State Parkway (GSP) with nothing more than a pointed arrow. […]