FTOTW38 – best links of the week ending 6-May-2012


Here are the best links shared on my tweet stream this week.

Best Links

  1. rsukumar: RT @davegray @mmarschall: “there is no root cause” about the limitations of toyotas 5-why approach – FTOTW Link 57597 ~ brilliant

  2. rsukumar: Disillusionment of an Entrepreneur – TechCrunch FTOTW Link 57598 by @prernagupta ~ brilliant /Via smartbrief

  3. rsukumar: stress is not your enemy FTOTW Link 57599 by @tonyschwartz ~ brilliant /via @csdivakar

  4. rsukumar: WSJ covers Paul Zak’s Moral Molecule (if you are timestarved for the ted talk) FTOTW Link 57600 ~ vv insightful /Via @WiringTheBrain

  5. rsukumar: RT @PriyaRaju: The dark side of Oxytocin – FTOTW Link 57601 ~ vv interesting. Hope Paul Zak takes note.

  6. rsukumar: RT @AMAnet: Increase Your Team’s Motivation Five-Fold. (via @HarvardBiz) #Management | FTOTW Link 57602 ~ vv insightful

  7. rsukumar: RT @jorgebarba: Turning 60: The Twelve Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned So Far FTOTW Link 57603 by @tonyschwartz ~ vv insightful

  8. rsukumar: RT @DrMarsha: This is interesting: Foreign language thoughts boost risk-taking FTOTW Link 57604 ~ vv interesting /cc @PriyaRaju


Hope enjoyed the links? Did you come across any good links you want to share? Please share in the comments below.


I use a certain ratings scale for my annotations which are explained here.


  1. Quote

    I liked the no root cause , moral molecule and 12 lessons at 60..
    I read a lot of links inside the articles as well.

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