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World Classical Tamil Conference – A Perspective

TweetUpdated 27 June 2010 6:45PM –  The 78 page conference schedule is online at the wctc2010 site for those that want to use data to test MSS Pandian’s assertions that i refer below. Updated 27 June 2010 6:45PM: Several people asked me how much time it took to do the research. The hypothesis was published on […]

Was the Indus Valley Civilization Illiterate?

TweetProlog As mentioned in my previous post , I am pleased to announce that my first paper jointly authored with Priya Raju and NK Sreedhar got published by the International Institute of Tamil Studies. Background In 2004, Farmer, Sproat & Witzel released their controversial paper titled [PDF] “The Collapse of the Indus Script Thesis: The Myth […]

Revelations from the Rig Veda

TweetProlog Many of you know that i began researching the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) formally about 10 months ago. I am happy to say  i have made reasonable progress – my first paper (written jointly with Priya Raju & NK Sreedhar) countering FSW’s arguments is going to be published shortly. My paper on the Bangle Hypothesis has been […]

Anglos in the wind: The dance of a beautiful people

TweetIt was a pleasant surprise when my friend from school days Richard invited my family and myself to ‘The Grand Hockey Dinner Dance’ at the St. Bede’s School Grounds on Saturday, the 9th January 2010. This dance was the culmination of a 2-day long hockey tournament of Anglo-Indian teams from all over the country. I […]

IVC Symbology – Bangles & Marital Status

TweetUpdated 23 Aug 2009 2:50PM – added the Indus signs from Bryan Wells’ paper. Updated 22 Aug 2009 11:55PM – found the image of the single/double bangle. — FTOTW [Fine Tastings of the Week] Why we must focus on women for development – a brilliant/heart rending/uplifting article in NYT (Via Ganesh). Programmable Web – a […]