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A life captured

TweetRakesh was a simple man working as an administrative assistant in a private company. His job used to extend from 8 AM to 7 PM everyday. He was one of those guys who comes first and leaves last. He was one guy whose absence really crippled the entire office. He also happened to be the […]

2nd Innings – Part 2

Tweet“Sir, Sir”, sang a dulcet voice. Kumari wiped her hands in her sari and hurried to the front door. A doe-eyed, tall, lissome girl was waiting on the threshold. “Yes, what do you need?”, Kumari asked the radiant vision in a neatly pressed Salwar suit. The girl superbly ignored her, her restless eyes darting hither […]

2nd Innings – Part 1

TweetThe train was slowly pulling out of the station, shrieking with gusto. Two figures were trotting along the train – a young man in an easy sprint and a not-so young woman in a slow jog. “This is our compartment, get in”, shouted Muthu jumping into the train with the ease of young, supple limbs.  […]

The Bird Cage

TweetWhen I started working in Chennai, I rented a small flat in West Mambalam.  I didn’t have any roommates for a while, and Valliyamma, a retired sweeper (janitor) kept me company.  She used to work in the college where my mother was the Principal (Dean). I couldn’t afford to buy a TV for a month, […]

Guilty of Innocence

TweetThe minute I entered the classroom, I knew something was amiss. The girls were huddled together in groups, their faces bent forward, discussing something in whispers. This was not new, but strangely enough, even my group – the “Grand Band of Geeks” – was discussing something animatedly. I wondered what common topic had united my […]