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The world we lived in..

TweetMy entire family rejoiced my birth. Our family is one big united with all uncles, aunts, grandparents living together. We are a simple living group. We do what is needed for bare survival. We are not greedy and do not have a luxurious lifestyle. We are a colony now going about lives. We are what […]

Kasturi, Kasturi

Tweet Updated on August 6th, 2009 – Please see the “Epilog” at the very end. This was my 1st work of fiction. I was probably 8 years old. Even though I wrote many later, this particular story is seared in my memory. I’ve been meaning to publish this for quiet some time. I’ve translated it, […]


Egged on by peers and one’s own curiosity or hunger as Priya Raju calls it, most men (and some women) undergo this experience in their early twenties or late teens as the case may be. Read on for Priya Raju’s latest story….

Star Gazing

For the first time on this blog, a piece of fiction – a short story written by Priya Raju. Read on.

Google may be about to one-up Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 with Star Search

TweetDecaffeinated has an interesting write-up on Google Star Search – a new social bookmarking service to be introduced shortly. Considering that Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 is a bit slow, Google may have an upper hand, if it does deliver a speedy one.