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Rupee crisis for dummies

TweetThis post has been co-written by Roshan Venugopal and myself. This post over-simplifies many concepts to ensure easier understanding. This article may be cross-posted on the author’s own blog. Prologue: India’s rupee crisis is making news not only in India, but globally. It is cliché to point to the government and RBI, but how many […]

Social Postage

TweetPrologue Lack of burden and responsibility is making social media a trashier place than it ever was. This article speculates why it is so and how it can be fixed. Main article To “cc” someone means to “carbon copy” someone. There were times when, if I was writing you a letter, and I wanted for […]

Tablets – New Wine In Your Old Bottle

Will your laptop go the desktop way and pave way to the tablets? Will tablets become central device in our lives? Given the fact that tablets came and went, how different are these from the old tablets like Tablet PCs?

Don’t kill the word

TweetWe are pleased to have RK Kuppurao, a veteran blogger with 250+ 280+ posts, write a post on this blog. Please encourage him with your comments. – Sukumar & Ganesh —– wenz d lst tym U rED gud eng? dont u tnk we ll shd taK mor tym 2 read w@ we read d wA […]

Microsoft’s 3 Screen Strategy is DOA?

TweetProlog The telcos have been talking about their 3 screens since last year. Interestingly,  Microsoft recently has started articulating the 3 screens and a cloud as their strategy (PC, Cellphone and TV being the 3).  Let me go out on a limb and lay it down – Microsoft’s’ 3 Screen Strategy is Dead on Arrival.  Stay […]