Serendipity Stops Spondylosis

Though Principal of a College is usually selected from the Teaching staff, the Principal has more administrative duties than Teaching – only four hours of Teaching in a week. The administrative duties included sitting for long periods of time in a chair, reviewing and signing off a substantial amount of paper work.

Six months after I became the Principal of LRG College Tiruppur, my Husband had the necessity to consult an Ortho in Coimbatore. I accompanied him to the Doctor. After examining my husband the Doctor asked us some questions it was our first Visit. When I told him that I was a Principal recently promoted he asked me permission to examine me …my neck and back. After examining he said that there is the danger of developing Spondylosis both at my neckband & waist. He said that I should use a straight back chair and not a cushioned chair and also not to bend down while signing the files.

After I returned to my office, I found a Straight Backed chair used by one of my Lab assistants. I took that chair and gave him another good Chair.

From the next day onwards I never went in for a cushioned chair .Both in Sree Meenakshi Government Arts College and during my tenure as Joint Director nearly for 14 years I never stopped using a straight backed chair.

My office Superintendents insisted that the file that I was perusing should be placed over two big registers to avoid too much Bending. Thanks to the Doctor and my Superintendent, I never suffered from Spondylossis.

I always had good and kind people around!

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