My husband questions me

In 1982 my dear husband was Professor of English in Raja Serfoji College Thanjavur and myself at Kunthavai Nachiyar College Thanjavur.

The Directorate had ordered for a Seminar for Teaching of English for the Teachers of that Region . The Special Officer for English had come down to Thanjavur. The Teachers of English from nearby colleges also attended.

I was asked to give a Demonstration class to a section of the students of Serfoji College. My subject was the play ” The Merchant of Venice” – part of the then syllabus.

By using multiple choice questions in an interesting way I got the students involved. The class lasted for 45 minutes and the discussion was thrown open to the Teachers. The first person to ask me a question was the Professor of English ….Mr.V.Raju.

When he got up to level his question all the Teachers and the Special Officer were puzzled as they all knew that we were husband and wife.

Mr.Raju asked me calmly ” Madam! is that the only way to get the students involved ? ” All the time that friendly smile I could recognise was visible to me.
I calmly replied “Thank you Sir, it is one of the ways in which students could be interested. You are at liberty to devise other strategies “.

After the session he came and Congratulated me and said “Well Done!”

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