FTOTW Annotations Explained

My annotations for the Fine Tastings of the Week have a certain rating scale (1 lowest, 4 highest):

1. First level – cool, interesting, insightful

2. second level – vv cool, vv interesting, vv insightful

3. third level – amazing, brilliant

4. fourth level – ****ing brilliant – this is vocalized as four-starring brilliant, for those of you having funny ideas on how this is pronounced đŸ™‚Â  this is the highest level in my rating scale.

If you are hard pressed for time, please click only on third and fourth level items.

If you have any feedback on my ratings scale, please comment on this page.



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    This should be obvious to anyone who has followed you for sometime on twitter.

    As an aside, I have sometimes found your Level 1,2 better than your 3 or 4. I guess that could be a personal preference of the topic.

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    Sukumar (subscribed) said March 28, 2011, 8:48 am:

    Thanks Arun. Yes, i guess that may be due to the difference in tastes. Maybe next time you observe this, please point it out to me and i can try to understand the reason. I think that would enable me to improve my taste/finds.

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    Also I’m really not sure I have ever read a 4th level (fourth level – #$@%ing brilliant) link at all. Can a special place be made in this blog maybe a box on the right side listing down only the 4th level links. It will really help folks like me who missed it in the first place.

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    Sukumar – I love the flow of knowledge from your end which has high SNR. Heartening to know the kind of efforts you take to be meaningful.


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    Sukumar (subscribed) said June 11, 2011, 8:42 am:

    Thanks for the kind words Deepak.

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