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My Days as a Collector

TweetFor those of you whose pulse quickened at the word “Collector”, imagined lurid tales of my days in the Indian Administrative Service & were licking their chops for some dirty gossip – This post is about the junk I collect. Fooled Ya! I’m so unsorry. Whenever we visit other people, I’m amazed by the sheer […]

Creepies, Crawlies Und Ich

TweetOur house is full of guests, though not the paying variety. They have horrible hygiene. If the jam jar is open, they help themselves to a bit of marmalade – with their hands. If I finish my cup of tea, they lick & feast on the dregs. Its utterly disgusting. They love having the TV […]

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

TweetThe world exists to annoy me. I’ve noticed to my chagrin some people signing-off their email with pithy aphorisms.”War is the science of destruction” or “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of”. As if I care. What happened? Are Bumper Stickers not haute enough this season? When […]

Retail Therapy, Indian “Ishtyle”

TweetMany years ago, in the City of Madras, there lived a woman called Priya. In that bygone & mercifully forgotten era, India was still a Socialist State. It meant putting up with lousy Customer Service. Now this woman had a very short fuse, so she spontaneously combusted whenever she encountered Stupid Shopkeepers: Thrice a week, […]

The Great Millenial Spitathon

My laments about the Indian cricket team got to her. Priya Raju makes a fine attempt to put an end …