FTOTW ending Jan 27, 2007 – Saffron, Phobias,Dr.Dolittle..

1. Did you know? Saffron was first documented in Ashurbanipal’s 7th Century BC Assyria. Now Saffron is a key spice across the world’s major cuisines including Indian. 2. BBC’s 15 web principles – captures the essential insights of the modern web. In the neuroscience department –
4. the neurology of phobias – brilliant article <Via Archana Raghuram> 5. How easily our brain can be fooled – an insightful post on how we end up eating a lot
more than we should. <Via Businesspundit> 6. We watched Eddie Murphy’s Dr. Dolittle – as always Eddie Murphy does a great job. In my view,
the director could not leverage the key idea properly – Dr. Dolittle’s ability to speak to animals. The storyline could have been much better. Priya Raju liked it though.


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