FTOTW ending Feb 3, 2007 – Google Restaurant, Kids & Programming, Insomnia, Inkless printer..

1. One of the greatest insights i have gained recently from the application of the ABC theory and others is the aspect of feedback loops, measurement etc. Came across this  post on O’reilly titled “If Google were a restaurant” that captures this idea of feedback beautifully. 2. Programming is a key skill that everyone must possess. So it may be better to start kids off with this. Came across this excellent post on O’reilly. But it seemed like one needed to buy expensive stuff. In the comments on this post, i came across the free MIT Scratch which seems to have some great possibilities. [Caution: i don’t have kids and haven’t tested these ideas on one] 3. You may have seen my post on coffee’s effect on sleep patterns. Here is some tips for a good night’s sleep – from this list, warm milk with honey works well for me. 4. A printer that uses no ink is now in the market. At last, freedom from the ravenous inkjet is just around the corner. can’t wait. 5. Priya Raju picked out the movie “The day the earth stood still” directed by Robert Wise. It is a b/w sci-fi classic from 1951 (a full 8 years before the other Scifi genius Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone hit the idiot box).  This movie is f***ing brilliant. In 1951 to conceptualize something like this and make it is fantastic. Don’t miss this one. Gort, Klaatu Barada Nikto – wonder what that means? see the movie. BTW, Robert Wise is also well-known for his other classic movie –  West Side Story.