Dr. Moira Gunn and TechNation

I have become an avid listener of podcasts from ITConversations and have started to take a particular liking for the interviews conducted by Dr. Moira Gunn on a wide variety of topics. She also has her own website. I particularly enjoy her interviews with folks in Medical and Bio Sciences area. While listening to her interview with Dr. Larry Dossey, I was very surprised to hear that Leech and Maggot therapy was making a comeback. Her interview with Dr. Greg Stock is also a very good listen. Her interview with Bob Sutton – one of the authors of “Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths & Total Nonsense” also makes for interesting listening. (I just got this book and cannot wait to read) Happy listening!! Ganesh


  1. Anonymous said May 7, 2006, 10:48 am:


    I haven’t yet adopted Podcasts. I guess I need to listen to these that you point to. Would also love to hear your review of the book.

    On the leeches front, its very interesting. You may recall the “hook worms therapy for asthma” post that i did a few months ago.