A Wingee is running for a good cause

B. Aravind is running in the Silicon Valley Marathon scheduled to
take place on October 30 under the aegis of Asha. Asha focuses on basic education in the belief that education is the
most important ingredient in bringing about socio-economic
changes. Asha channels its efforts into India where 1/3rd
of the children are deprived of basic education. So far, Asha has supported more than 385 different child education projects spanning 24 states in India. In terms of project
funding, almost $4MM has been disbursed to these projects
since Asha’s inception. In 2002 alone, Asha chapters
raised and disbursed more than $1MM to over 200 projects. The
other good thing about Asha is that there are no administrative
costs at all due to the fact that it is entirely run by volunteers.
Definitely sounds impressive. Aravind says “I came to know about Asha a year back. The
data astounded me and made me realize how lucky I am to have received my education. I strongly believe in the tangible and intangible benefits of education, and I was fascinated by Asha’s complete focus on education. The coaches from Asha told me that they will help me run a marathon. I have been running for a little more than one year, and have completed 2 half-marathons in that time. I am planning to run the Silicon Valley marathon on October 30. I have gone through my fair share of injuries, and I am looking forward to that date with some nervousness.” Wingees and readers, let us all donate as much as we can and support Aravind and wish him luck for a successful run. For donating online, please go to Aravind’s member
  Donation guidelines –
$1 per mile = $26.2, $2 per mile = $52.4, $4 per mile = $104.8.
Any other amount you are comfortable is also okay. If you would like to mail a check directly to Asha, please make it
payable to “Asha for education” and in the Memo field write
Aravind’s runner id “2005TA88”. Please note that ASHA is a registered non-profit organization
under 501C3 in the USA and all donations are tax-exempt. (
Tax id 77-0459884).


  1. Anonymous said November 3, 2005, 3:27 pm:

    Aravind has completed his run. well done Aravind. Pictures from the event can be seen here.