Unsung Blogger of the Week #8

This week’s featured blogger is “Selva” Selvakumar Ganesan. He runs  a very interesting group blog called Scientific Indian which focuses on science topics. His blog has been around since March 2004.  He also coordinates a round-robin blog digest called Scian Melt – a designated blogger collects interesting science-related articles and posts them as a digest on their blogs. I had linked to one of the Scian Melts last week. The text from the e-mail interview follows. Make sure to read what Selva considers his second best post. If you are not still convinced, consult Carl Sagan. 1. How do you publicize your blog?
If a blogger writes for publicity he/she is in for a bumpy ride. Word of mouth works very well in blogosphere. Making sensible comments at blogs you read helps. Good fun at the blog gives a reason for folks to come back.

2. Which techniques have worked for you and which ones have not?
The technique of writing colorfully. Every month a post about male and female sexuality works very well. If these subjects are also the ones you enjoy writing about, more merrier it is. Never preach.

3. What do you consider as your best posts so far? Please include 3 at  the most.
None. Here’s my second best:
[Of course, Selva is being modest. He has written several interesting ones such as the one he wrote on “Did the Eclipse Cause the Earthquakes”. – Ed.]

4.   What are your Top 5 Unsung Blogs ? (please include only those that are not in any Top 100/500 lists).
One I want to mention: http://shallowthgts.blogspot.com/

5.  What are your current book recommendations ? (1 or 2 is
Great Physicists