Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps

The book “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps” by Allan and Barbara Pease makes for a good read in that it has
some interesting factoids like how men (peak in their early 20s) and women (peak in their late 30s) achieve their sexual peaks at different points in their life and how it affects marital sex. The book loses it when it starts giving example after example on
how men and women are conditioned to do things they do due to their different brain wirings. All of these examples are supported by several scientific studies which support the authors’s views! (We all know how long-standing study results typically are). It seems as though most of the book has been devoted to providing justification upon justification for how men and women behave in western society. It does not talk about other cultures except for a brief mention of Tunisian men and women. Another big problem is that the authors try to explain every aspect
of man-woman behavior as a hold-over from our lives as hunter-gatherers living in caves. It as if we have not learnt anything in the 100,000 years that have elapsed since. The authors seem to suggest that we do what we do because of how we are wired and we should accept that and deal with it. I am not able to accept this notion because, we as human beings have a highly evolved learning capability and we need to continuously learn and become better. I am afraid that if we go by what the authors day, we will fall further behind in achieving gender equality. I don’t have to explain how much damage gender inequality has done to humanity or for that matter the damage
any kind of systemic inequality has wrought on us. References
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2. Psychology Today seems to like it. I am amazed.