iPod/iTunes Video download needs Bittorrent support

iPod Video has been released. David Pogue of NYTimes appreciates the  iPod Video business model. But Richard Siklos of NYTimes thinks that iPod Video is not ready for primetime. As for me, I shook my head, when Steve Jobs mentioned that one needs upto 20 min to download a single episode of  “Lost”.  Who is going to wait that long. Anyways, I started thinking, why doesn’t Apple start supporting BitTorrent by setting up a legitimate BitTorrent server and building the BitTorrent client into the iTunes client.  Given the installed base of the iTunes client, it would dramatically reduce the download time atleast for the popular episodes. Also, iTunes can become a  real rival to broadcast networks for distributing content. References:
1. Bob Cringely said a while back that Bit Torrent enabled downloading can replace broadcasting.
2.  Stinner wants BitTorrent support in iTunes but for podcasts.
3.  Make sure to read about the brilliant Bram Cohen – the creator of Bit Torrent.