Sage-like wisdom for start ups

Paul Graham has written some superb essays about start ups.  These are must-reads for people contemplating start-ups. Even for those in the corporate world, these essays will provide an idea or two about management.

1. How to start a start up. the segment on Google’s success is an eye-opener.

2. Why smart people like bad ideas.

Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm is a lucidly written book that gives you a framework for how to market your product as it moves from a start-up niche to the broader market. (thanks Ganesh for the reference).  I had heard about this book so much, but finally managed to read it a couple of weeks back. This book has become somewhat of a bible for start-ups and that position is a well-deserved one.

IEEE Spectrum carried this brilliant article  by Nick Tredennick and Brion Shimamoto on how to work with VCs.

Ultimately, you still have to make that dreaded powerpoint presentation to the VCs and this superb article by Brad Feld gives you some key ideas.

PS. Paul Graham has written and continues to write several other thought provoking essays on other topics. It maybe a site worth keeping track of.