FTOTW113 – best links of the week ending 8-June-2014


Here are the best links shared on my tweet stream this week.

Best Links

  1. RT @zenrainman: A tsunami and no water to drink: how disaster inspired lifesaving invention http://t.co/IqqxfjGCM3 ~ amazing innovation – Original Tweet

  2. RT @m_meenaks: Absolutely brilliant! ~ How different cultures understand Time. http://t.co/jrtknfGLrCOriginal Tweet

  3. /Via @krishvenkatesh single most important habit of successful people http://t.co/Txa6pSGyOZ ~ brilliant – Original Tweet

  4. /Via @edyong209 injects blood from malarial patients directly into syphilitic patients & wins Nobel prize http://t.co/B5oho53HcA ~ Amazing – Original Tweet

  5. /Via @rucsb: Amy Chua and the Triple Package for Success http://t.co/or0STdsgCL ~ vv interesting – Original Tweet

  6. RT @dorait: Successful startups almost always start narrow and deep. http://t.co/CuTvfr8Lt8 ~ vv insightful – Original Tweet

  7. Are you doing enough? – modern day manifesto for tech firms I saw at @Thoughtworks today ~ vv interesting #IN50HRS http://t.co/1QjRtDr3mzOriginal Tweet


Hope you enjoyed the links? Did you come across any good links you want to share? Please share in the comments below.


I use a certain ratings scale for my annotations which are explained here.


  1. Quote
    Kartic (subscribed) said June 9, 2014, 6:41 pm:

    Thanks a lot Sukumar for the weekly shares. Have gone through a few and yet to do a few more. One doubt on the ‘single most important habit of successful people’ article. Completely agree with the importance of respecting one’s time and others time. But sometimes feel that having this trait also means a sense of anxiety or constant judgement of one’s own or others behaviour which might be against the cool and composed, take-it-light nature that might be needed for success. I have seen people who are not neccessarily good at keeping time but have a sense of good humour, lighten themselves and others around. Felt that these two might not go hand in hand. Maybe I am wrong.

  2. Quote
    Sukumar (subscribed) said June 9, 2014, 7:52 pm:

    Glad that you like my shares. On the article under discussion, yes “keeping time” may increase anxiety. However, I think that’s true in the early stages of any skill you are trying to build. Once the skill/habit is ingrained you will no longer feel the anxiety. I say that from personal experience.

    Now “keeping time” while important can’t be the only skill that’s needed for success. A sense of humour is important too. And again that’s also a skill that could be developed like any other. In my view there are 2 keystone skills for success – one is self-reflection (got it from Randy Pausch’s last lecture) and the other is empathy.

  3. Quote
    Kartic (subscribed) said June 10, 2014, 8:29 am:

    Thank you Sukumar. I am able to understand that better now.

    As far as good articles this week that I happened to come across, there were quite a few but thought of sharing about http://www.thebetterindia.com/ that publishes all the positive, inspiring happenings all around every day. I also subscribe to their daily mailer and try to catch up with as much as possible (if not all).

  4. Quote
    Sukumar (subscribed) said June 10, 2014, 9:26 am:

    Thanks Kartic. Thanks for pointing me to better india. I started following them on twitter.

  5. Quote


    Please point me to Randy Paush’s lecture on Self Reflection you referenced in your note above.. I missed it.

    My sumission for this week . Fascinating read on the value of Design.

    Logo , Bullshit & Co. ~ https://twitter.com/rucsb/status/478092949616881664


  6. Quote
    Ruchi (subscribed) said June 15, 2014, 2:58 pm:

    Another great read. ( Can relate to it )

    Lean out >>> The Dangers for #Women who negotiate ~

    Original Tweet – https://twitter.com/rucsb/status/478104818666708993

  7. Quote

    Thanks for the excellent submissions.

    If you haven’t watched Randy Pausch’s last lecture, please do at

    The quality of self reflection is highlighted in the book he wrote called Last Lecture. Everything he mentioned in the book is not present in his speech. If I remember correctly the aspect of self reflection is not mentioned in his speech. The speech by the way would easily score ****ing brilliant in my ratings scale. Please don’t miss it. The book is also similarly excellent.

    Hope that helps.

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