FTOTW93 – best links of the week ending 3-September-2013


Here are the best links shared on my tweet stream this week.

Best Links

  1. RT @m_meenaks: Brilliant and hard-hitting! BILL WATTERSON: A cartoonist’s advice http://t.co/arkzTBoFX8 ~ brilliant indeed – Original Tweet

  2. RT @gvaidees: The 7 Secrets of Highly Happy People & Quick Happiness Quiz http://t.co/t3Tto6WnOC ~ brilliant – Original Tweet

  3. The most successful people are often the most connected. Why? ~ vv insightful /Via @DavidGurteenOriginal Tweet

  4. How to harness the power of the unconscious http://m.strategy-business.com/article/00210 ~ vv interesting /Via @SmartBriefOriginal Tweet

  5. RT @brewerma: Steve Ballmer’s Big Lesson for the Rest of Us http://t.co/SE6yqvW2F8 ~ vv insightful – Original Tweet

  6. RT @joelgascoigne: “Learning how to think” http://t.co/Fvwe170gwt by @dcurtis ~ vv insightful – Original Tweet

  7. RT @gvaidees: Why are humans so generous? The brain science of giving http://t.co/6h9vA9e0Wi. Cool experiment… ~ vv interesting – Original Tweet


Hope enjoyed the links? Did you come across any good links you want to share? Please share in the comments below.


I use a certain ratings scale for my annotations which are explained here.


  1. Quote

    I enjoyed reading the Bill watterson comic strip , successful people are connected and other articles as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Quote

    Thanks Veena. The bill watterson article is one of the best I have read in recent times. It barely missed the 4 starring rating from me. Glad you enjoyed it.

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