FTOTW74 – best links of the week ending 24-February-2013


Here are the best links shared on my tweet stream this week.

Best Links

  1. RT @HarikrishnanS33: Cancer Innovation – 15 yr old student @rsukumarhttp://t.co/ejCb6xKx ~ Brilliant – Original Tweet

  2. Change or Die http://t.co/ehktkzAv ~ old but brilliant article on Change Management /Via @rsukumarOriginal Tweet

  3. RT @kmathan India’s rice revolution http://t.co/ynibPyAg #MustRead ~ amazing – Original Tweet

  4. 3 obstacles that kill off great ideas http://t.co/7NRDac73 ~ vv insightful /Via @sathishvenkataramanOriginal Tweet

  5. 5 reasons girls type like thisssss http://t.co/X4lsnnh4WL ~ vv interesting /Via @sreedhnkOriginal Tweet

  6. RT @gvaidees 5 Examples Of How The Languages We Speak Can Affect The Way We Think http://t.co/sq8J6Tg9rq ~ vv interesting – Original Tweet


Hope enjoyed the links? Did you come across any good links you want to share? Please share in the comments below.


I use a certain ratings scale for my annotations which are explained here.

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