FTOTW9 – best links of the week ending 16-October-2011


Here are the best links shared on my tweet stream this week.

Best Links

  1. rsukumar: RT @ericries: Better Ideas Through Failure – WSJ.com FTOTW Link 80 ~ vv interesting #innovation

  2. rsukumar: RT @brainpicker: Groundbreaking bodysuit from Duke University may enable the paralyzed to walk FTOTW Link 81 ~ amazing.

  3. rsukumar: RT @arunavabose: The Benjamin Franklin Effect FTOTW Link 82 ~ Interesting read ~ brilliant #longread

  4. rsukumar: RT @Arun_bohemian Who was Steve Jobs most like? Miles Davis. Here’s how. FTOTW Link 83 ~ vv interesting #stevejobslinks

  5. rsukumar: RT @jonahlehrer: Why Do Some People Learn Faster? It’s all about the screw-ups. FTOTW Link 84 ~ vv insightful #growthmindset

  6. rsukumar: Leading Blog: Innovation Creates Uncertainty FTOTW Link 85 ~ insightful /via smartbrief

  7. rsukumar: RT @yarapavan: Knowing when to quit – an under-rated skill. Freakonomics on “The Upside of Quitting”. FTOTW Link 86 ~ vv insightful

  8. rsukumar: RT @javashri: The interview every #apple fanboy must read. FTOTW Link 87 Non-apple users too ~ vv interesting

  9. rsukumar: /Via @brainpicker: the Roman who launched the Renaissance and catapulted the world into modernity FTOTW Link 88 ~ vv interesting

  10. rsukumar: RT @dorait: Vinod Khosla: “Big companies have process instead of vision,” FTOTW Link 89 #innovation ~ interesting perspective

  11. rsukumar: RT @parvathimenon NYT Moods on Twitr Follow underlying biological rhythm that transcends culture & env FTOTW Link 90 ~ vv interesting


Hope enjoyed the links? Did you come across any good links you want to share? Please share in the comments below.


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